Government structures are a reflection of the Society they rule over

Government structures are a reflection of the Society they rule over

There are no good governments, only bad and worse, if citizens are complaining that their government is not doing enough for them, then they should try another that is worse, they will remember that their previous government never gave them everything they ever wanted, but at least ensured the citizens had everything they ever needed.

How can man create a perfect government when he himself is crooked? Impatience and greed blackens his heart, and arrogance puts dark cloud on his face, if the blind can mould a perfect statue, then can man build excellent governments that have no errors.

The behaviours and actions of governments are just a replica of what the society is like, difficult governments, means a difficult people to rule, calm governments represent a calm people. Where do those officials that work in the government come from anyway? Isn’t it from the same society they rule over? They did not fall from the stars, neither did they descend from another planet, but were born and raised in their motherland and have witnessed all its trials and tribulations, but when they got into office, they are suddenly changed, they turned into hyenas that chewed the bones of their citizens. Is this what they have become or could this be what they were before but kept it a total secret from others till when they sat upon the throne?

Imagine oneself staying on a tiny peaceful Island adrift the pacific or Indian ocean you’d not expect state officials there to be very harsh or handle the immigrants roughly because many of the dwellers are peaceful vacationers.

Government structures are a reflection of the society’s beliefs, customs, and accepted codes of conducts. For a significant change to take place at the top state level, major changes have to take root at the base level of common man, be it social, economic, cultural or religious change, it always starts with the common man before crawling up the ladder. The real question is why waste time and resources trying to change a society that may not appreciate you in the long run?

“It’s a wild Wild West out there”, says the cowboys, but we have never heard of putschists. Rarely heard of savage governments since the end of Napoleonic wars, several centuries ago. But when you visit Arigongo on the central mantle, you will often hear of putschists on a daily basis, no wonder the governments there are so suspicious of their citizens, they hire an agent for each one of them, to spy on their assigned individual day and night.

If the shepherd lowers his guard, even for a minute, the wolves will attack his flock, and eat the little lambs barely days old. There is a reason behind every leaders action, whatever it is that motivates them, be it fear, pride, a show of self-worth, it was obviously influenced by a trend that pre-existed in the society before they came,

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