Government Secrets are dangerous Secrets

Government Secrets are dangerous Secrets

An applicant once went into a renowned state office to apply for a job. The agency operates locally and does some activities internationally. Some in the open eyes of the public while others go on confidentially. The first question to the applicant was, “why do you want to work for the government? Don’t you have other more important things to do?” when the applicant said that it was his passion and not a lack of job that drives him, he is allowed to proceed to the second question. If there is a family history of government workers, that’s well and fine too, it might speed up your application process. The interviewee then revealed to him in plain sight all the dangers he might be putting his life into and asked to review his application before he makes up his mind.

“Are you sure you want to do government business? I know you are a good kid, but working around this place is not for the holy Joes, a time comes when circumstances forces you to do things you could not have done otherwise, and neither shall you blame yourself nor anyone else for the results of your actions. We put up perfect plans, but you know there are also many other variables involved in the arena, there are many players in the field. Things might turn out sour.”

If an application is approved the recruit then proceeds to another room where they sign hundreds of documents and perform dozens of pledges, they are then given a pair of surgical gloves, should they refrain from taking them or ask what they are for, then the recruiters tells them, “they are to keep your hands tidy and not be stained by either mud, soot or blood in the course of your duty, put them on, you really need them.”  they are taught many things, they are taught how to survive in a jungle with no food and water, how to fly a shuttle, how to strangle a puma in the thickets just in case they have nothing in hands to protect themselves, how to swim across lakes and seas in case of a shipwreck, and many more things. “Come on son,” he beckons him, “I will show you how to make deal with governments, how to trade with the distant nations of the earth.”

Every government around the world has its own dark secrets which it keeps locked away from its citizens, if it doesn’t do so, word might get out and may lead to a major civil unrest, and in worse cases, civil wars with the potential collapse of the society.

“Before you can undertake any government business you must prepare yourself extensively, it’s not for the faint heart,” said the interviewer.

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