Girl Power is at its Climax, Women now occupy nearly every known occupational & Professional Fields


Girl Power is at its Climax, Women now occupy nearly every known occupational & Professional Fields




Some fresh graduates applied for a job that was advertised in the papers, many applied for it, a few got it, for the few that managed to get the job, there was a case of dis-proportionality, the ladies and the gentlemen that had successfully acquired the job went on to thank their boss for recruiting them, they promised that they will make a great contribution to the Company, some few ladies went on to say to their recruiter that they were surprised by the way the Women’s ratio was proportionately larger to that of men, especially for a field that was traditionally male dominated.


Since the Feminist Movements of the sixties. Women’s rights activism has come a long way. The dominance, success and the power feminists have been craving for all the time is now theirs


“Excuse me please, why did you hire me?” asked the lady, “why are there so many women in your office?” she adds, “because your governor demands that we should have certain number of women in proportion to male employees,” This is a song you have heard sung by feminists time and again, “We need more women in this profession, that field, here, there, doing this and that,”




Well, this is the twenty first century we are living in now, I bet there is no professional field where you will not find women, the girl power movements’ has come a really long way, and with all that success and victory over rights to work, we still have some complaints being thrown at us over the air, there are folks still not happy with what they have so far.


Wait a minute, the governments are forcing companies and organizations to hire staff simply because they are women? Yes you heard me, you should hire all of them simply because they are women.


I have heard an agenda from some feminists who say that there should be hiring of more women in these so called male dominated work places, if there are places where there are too many men in a workstation then half of them should be fired and women put in their places, so that we can have a fifty fifty fairness, and that rigorous procedure of sifting out job applicants to get the best possible staff members as they say it should be abandoned when hiring female employees because that would be too cruel for them.


When a female candidate vies for seat of becoming a mayor, then everyone should all at once vote for her without scrutiny, people should not look at her policies and her plans for the city, they should vote for her simply because she is a woman, and nothing more. This is what I have heard some feminists advocating for, they want women to be hired by companies and organizations without any prior scrutiny or background check of skills acquired in her professional life, they want women to be elected to high offices just for being women and nothing more.


If cross examination was what had been the policies of males that worked in the field before, then they should also apply to the women, if you plan to fill your office blocks with ladies, then let it be the best of best of them, the principles of integrity, diligence, hard work, visionary spirit and trustworthiness are universal qualities that apply to all whether male or female, and they should be scrutinized the same way as well.


Anyways we have awesome women in these cool professions, they are all good to go


We have lots and lots of women now in the Military





We have plenty in Law enforcement




We have ladies everywhere now

Girl power is now at its climax

Lets Go Girls, the world is yours, Lets Go!


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