Feminism doesn’t have to be based upon the deep hatred of men by vengeful women

I met two young ladies who were saying that they would never accept any help from a man. Based on their past negative experiences with the men they have come across, they concluded that all men are wicked who are only there to hurt them, they wanted nothing to do with any male in their lives.

Once a priest came across a woman laying down on the ground when he was walking to the monastery, she was wailing, rolling herself in the dirt and pulling her hair, others tried to stop her but their attempts were futile. She picked sand and twigs which she threw at those surrounding her. “It appeared to us that she has a lot of problems in her family and is trying to release that steam by rolling herself in the dirt,” said one of the bystanders to the priest.

The priest went ahead to ask the disoriented woman, ” to whom do you belong to?” He asked, “get away from me!” screamed the woman, I do not need your silly talk, I am not an object, why do you perceive women as property?” she nagged, “I didn’t mean to disappoint you madam,” said the priest, “I wanted to know something first before I could start to speak to you,” “I don’t want any man in my life, all men are worthless,” she said, “if you are trying to intimidate me please know for sure that I am not one of those women you push around, you certainly are not planning to use me as a sofa for yourself and your boys to sit on,” “you may be disappointed with the intimidating presence of man in your life, that is not what I meant,” said the priest, “when I asked to whom do you belong to? But at least you are somebody’s child, do you belong to God or the dev**? I don’t know which one of the two are you going to take because both are males,” said the priest. “The earthly man is imperfect, wicked, immoral and his heart is as hard as a rock. But your true Father above is not like that, put no trust of yours in man. You can hate everything you see and that one which lives but do not let anyone make you hate you Father above because when he turns his attention away from you there is no one else you can look up to. Please do not harbor the grudge inside for it would bring ruin upon your own soul, please come in and let’s have tea, I see you need someone to talk to…”

“all right then, you win,” said the woman, “keep saying your whatever words of penance,” I will come to your service next Sunday,” with this she picked herself from the ground, wiped dust off her body and began to walk away.

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