Everybody Now wants to quit their day jobs to start their own businesses, a really dangerous doctrine that is flying around the airwaves

Everybody Now wants to quit their day jobs to start their own businesses, a really dangerous doctrine that is flying around the airwaves

More Business Means More Bills to pay.

Better are those who started their businesses after losing their jobs due to some economic crisis than those who willfully abandon their well-paying jobs to start a business of their own, only to find out later that they were better off when they were employed. When they look back they remember the good olden days, when they had a secure salary, when times bite hard they remember the many allowances they previously had enjoyed yet they threw away all that. When the bills begin to pile on the table like grocery, they had forgotten a crucial principal in finance and that’s “people don’t start businesses to pay bills with, instead to expand an existing enterprise, when putting an idea into practice for the first time, it’s more of an hobby than a serious undertaking,” for someone who was laid off without earlier notice from work, that’s okay for them because they never really had any choice, or could not do otherwise, but someone blindly throwing away their wallet hoping to pick another one along the road is extremely foolish, so unspeakable. The business is in its infancy stage and barely beginning to walk, taking its first step, how come you expect it to be providing for you at this stage? Remember you have to wait for the cow to grow old enough before you can start milking it.

These are employees who quit their day jobs because they are angry with their employers, they don’t have a voice at their bosses’ premise, they are loathed, intimidated, manipulated, exploited, every time they come up with a brilliant idea to improve the business they are slammed to shut up by their bosses, they can’t do a thing to benefit the company, this makes them feel absolutely worthless, so they decide to quit.

But this should not be a good enough reason to undertake such a blind decision, hadn’t they made a deal in the beginning, the employer asked them if he could buy their time in exchange for a few thousand pounds, they all agreed to it, in as much as this job eats into your daily hours, you are not doing it for free remember? You get something small in return. That as we know it was the contract of the old written down in red ink. Now you have other agendas at hand, you intend to be a great contributor in scaling this business to some higher level, or you propose a change in the way of doing things around here. Wasn’t this part of the deal? If not why bother? This is someone else’s business, if they run it in a direction you find rather awkward, there is no need keeping yourself busy trying to help. Pocket the few notes he gives you weekly and walk back home, make merry and enjoy your day, for your boss let him know that time will teach him/her a lesson.


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