Broken Love, Broken Trusts & relations, Broken Families, when children talk back harshly towards their parents, it’s the worst feeling ever, the worst betrayal of them all

Broken Love, Broken Trusts & relations, Broken Families, when children talk back harshly towards their parents, it’s the worst feeling ever, the worst betrayal of them all

A son lifts a sword above his head and was about to slay his father when he is suddenly stopped by another male relative. He has grown to loathe him over the years, “you worthless fool, you neglected your parental duties and left us to despair, we suffered so much because of your negligence, how come you call yourself our father, when I am deeply ashamed to be called your son?”

The girl on the other hand raises her voice against her mother, and gives her a tongue lashing, “everything you have done for us is because our aunt pleaded with you to do so otherwise you won’t have done a thing for us, sometimes you were forced to perform a simple motherly task, what a wicked and loose woman you are, every time we go outside we are forced to cover our faces because of the shame you have brought upon us, how dare you call yourself our mother? You birthed us and left us to be carried away by currents like tadpoles, to be bombarded by rocks of every imaginable size, we suffered since childhood while you were away enjoying yourself with your countless lovers, now after we are grown up by the grace of the almighty and support of well-wishers you walk back in and want us to show you some respect. Slowly you crept in through the back door, and settled in your old armchair as if nothing ever happened? ”

One thing these kids often forget to remember before they talked or spoke ill of their parents is that if their parents were totally useless they won’t have been able to produce them in the first place.

“One of my eldest daughters calls me a wretched squanderer, who does nothing more than lazy around the house, another mouth to feed, “then I replied this to her,” said the retired sergeant, “you may say as you wish, but I am not useless as you may think so, I may be a heavy drinker, but I still remain your father, I slaughtered men in the jungles when we were put in the frontlines to defend our country, the incident saved my life and those of my comrades, but after the war was over, which we had won with great victory, those men I had neutralized still came back to haunt me every day and night in my sleep, I drink myself into forgetting them, so that my life would be peaceful again, but they won’t erase themselves from my memory, if you had seen the abominations that your father had done when he was away, you would run way from me, you won’t even let your friends know that I am your father, so little lady mermaid, listen to me carefully, you have a longer, smoother and more pleasant life ahead of you, probably brighter than my own, save your words for the adventure that awaits you, your mother can call me whatever she wants, but not you, I would not permit an hatchling like you to insult me, my own flesh and blood.”

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