Blackmails and all attempts to blackmail will always backfire, it never brings any good to anyone, neither the victim nor the extortioner

Blackmailing and other threats arise not only from professional journalists but also from ordinary individuals as well, anyone with an audio or video recorder can secretly tap into an icon’s embarrassing moments and threaten them with exposure if they would not fully reward his/her demands, these are just ordinary folks , none of them has ever stepped into a film or mass communication school, yet they act strangely in a way you would relate to some malicious professional reporting, its human nature as a matter of fact.

If there is no public image you are protecting, then there is obviously nothing to worry about, Whenever you have a high social status in society somebody somewhere will always try to take advantage of it whether he/she is a journalist or not. 

Once in a small country in in the north, there once lived a clever wealthy smuggler and a smart reporter, the reporter had developed a bad habit of stalking tycoons in that area, and the trader on the other hand began to think of a way of using the reporter for his own financial gain, to eradicate his competitors and thereby increase his profits, on the opposite side the reporter was thinking of a way of raking in some cash out of this talking gold bullion, unfortunately both were in the end caught red handed after they had made a deal. They tried to manipulate one another, they tried to control and destroy each other and ended up in the same hot soup.

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