Beware of Fake Generosity, People acting too nicely to you for no apparent reason means they may be having a hidden agenda, never accept gifts from strangers

Beware of Fake Generosity, People acting too nicely to you for no apparent reason means they may be having a hidden agenda, never accept gifts from strangers

When someone helps you out of a problem then insults you shortly after that, such a person, I would dare never touch anything of his, I would rather go about bare than wear his clothes I would rather die of hunger than to eat his food, because if you eat his food and live, he will badger you for the remaining days of your life claiming that he has saved you from starvation.

It is also apparent to hear when someone says to another, wasn’t it I who pulled you out of poverty? The shoes you are stepping on I bought them for you, without me you are nothing,” these comments leave us to wonder if these folks really wanted to help anyone in the first place? If they really did, then they won’t be talking this way, what an impure love you gave them? Maybe they did it as a form of investment to get something greater in return later, or it would have been a way of buying someone’s trust so that they could control and manipulate them at a later time. In protest some would explain. “all right then, I accept that you saved my skin once before, I owe you my life then, if that is what you want to hear, but let me tell you something old friend, every single coat you gave me, I will pay it back ten times over, if there is anything in my house that belongs to you then take it back as soon as you can”

It’s better to die of starvation than to accept food from some people, because if you do so, they will torment you for the remaining days of your life, saying, “it is because of the food I gave you that you still live, honour me and always listen carefully to my instructions, had I not come to your aid, you’d be a nobody by now,” they shout these words to you as they beat their chest in pride.

It is better to go about on a bare back than to accept donation of clothing from some people because if you do so they will torment you for the remaining days of your life,  when you walk past them at the market place, they beckon their friends and say this to them, “look it is the shirt which I gave him, that has made him  look that  handsome,” they call you to join them in their café and If you are hesitant they make sure you are reminded of whose shirt you are wearing, “it is the shirt which I gave you that has made you so proud,”

When your guards say, “you depend on us, you can never do anything without us,” those words are enough to strike you with terror, even though they are not doing it for free, they feel they have great power and control over you. What terrifies me most is to hear the people closest to me brag this way, as if I owe them my life. 

“Yeah I know that, I can never do anything without you, what troubles me most is that you, the people who lay very close to me and whom I have greatly bestowed my trust speaketh such words, with such close proximity to me I must say you have become very dangerous, I will therefore put the responsibility of my life back into my hands, or hire different people to do it for me.

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