Are scientists spending too much time looking into the stars and ignoring what is happening right here down on earth?

Are scientists spending too much time looking into the stars and ignoring what is happening right here down on earth?

worthless knowledge

Once a group of travellers came across herders when they were crossing the country’s plains, they have travelled from afar, a very distant land from here, they greeted the herders and soon they were in a lengthy chat each group curiously enquiring about the others way of life.

The herders said they have been in these fields since childhood, they have attended the flock ever since, they know no other work other than herding, it’s what their lives greatly depends on, last year the rains came in late, there wasn’t enough pastures for their animals and most of them died in the process, they lost more than a half of their flock.

When it was the travellers turn to tell their part of the stories, they said they were descended from a family of astrologers, they study the stars in the skies and use these to find their ways across the world, their families have done these for generations, now they are old enough to run their own enterprises, they spoke about magnificent things that happen in the skies above at day and night, the great wonders of nature, life on land and deep hidden secrets of the seas, all these they understood them very clearly.

The herders were moved by their words, they marvelled at the travellers vast knowledge, full of wonderful tales, never in their entire lives have they ever heard of such soundness. With their identities and backgrounds revealed to one another, the herders went on to ask the travelers one favour, “you know of all these amazing things that happen high up in the heavens and in distant lands far away from where we live, we really appreciate your soundness, but would you please do something for us before you proceed with your journey, can you make the grass grow for our flock to eat, and make our dry riverbeds run with water again so that our animals and us wouldn’t die of thirst? It’s the only thing we asked from you, wise men from the south,”

The travelers seemed to be infuriated by this request and shouted at the herders to get out of their way, “you delayed us here for a whole day asking us silly questions, we should be halfway through our journey as we speak, now you are making demands we can’t meet, our job is to study and learn things, not to make things happen.” they said this and left the herders in their fields.

I am fascinated about the way these fellows know so much about the stars and outer heavens, yet know very little about the person that lives right next to them, they can tell you which star is younger which is oldest which star is following which behind, which one looks like it’s in trouble….tec… Endless stream of stories about stars.

What happens on the ground affects you more than what happens in the skies, stay focused on your ground activities.

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