Are children a blessing or a burden to women?

Are children a blessing or a burden to women?

Listen to this tale of a woman from Coddle Town. That little mystical motor town that lays by the lakeside,

“Long ago in her youth, she made up her mind not to have any children, she used to say demeaning things about raising children, she spoke about how children are a great burden, how they hinder women from achieving their lifelong careers and pursuit for happiness, she went to all the cities preaching her beliefs telling others to do the same, to do exactly as she did.

Now in her late fifties with no children of her own, she’s moving around with a different agenda, she traverses the streets snatching babies from their mothers breasts, claiming that with her they will have a better chance in life, she will give them a better livelihood, a better education, a better future.

In her helicopter she hovers above clinics and dispensaries of underprivileged neighborhoods around the globe looking for a child to steal. Some young women realized that their babies were disappearing mysteriously and therefore decided to take quick action. They went ahead to confront her, then said this unto her, “you thought of yourself as wise in all things, now use your divine wisdom to manufacture a living child and hold it onto your bossom, people do not produce children neither do they manufacture them with their bodies, but are rather a gift from above, children may be a burden, but they are also a great source of joy, a new born brings great joy to the family.

You were once the tycoon’s wife and came from a very privileged family, you had the best of the best chances of raising your own children in life, you could have produced twenty if you wanted to, but you didn’t. You had lots of property, homes, vast estates, cars etc. now let those be your children,” they said unto her.

“look at us here, we live from hand to mouth, many of our sisters, aunts, mothers died bearing their first child, simply because of the poor health conditions here, trying to survive here is like trying to stand on a nail’s head, doctors have blurry vision from over drinking and nurses have rough hands from working part time in the mines, if you are going to deliver here then surely know you are going to be handled roughly, very few children survive their first year of birth.

Our parents were born into servitude, we were born into servitude, and living through it now, when we see our children smile, they at least give us hope, they make us believe that tomorrow is going to be better than today, they make us forget this misery we live in for a while, maybe they are the ones who are going to change our lives, some may become teachers, engineers, governors and help us escape this misery.

Now tell us rich woman, why are you stealing our babies? You had all the time and resources in the world, if I were you, I would have built myself a stately home and raise the happiest family in the entire town. Everyone would hear about my family and wished they lived at my home. Now you want to take away the little hope we have left. You had your time for fun, what’s left now? “

The woman upon listening to such a humiliating lecture she could not listen any further, she began to curse everyone, she cursed the young women, she cursed the young men, she cursed the doctors and nurses, she cursed her parents, everyone. She went wild like a madwoman, her hair hang shaggily from her head, her eyes bloodshot red. Her face filled with fury, immediately she took her helicopter jumped into it, flew away south into the desert where she had her home dug into a cave, she shut herself off never to see anyone from the outside world again. Never!

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