A child’s strong faith is like a towering lighthouse beacon over the dark shores.



When I saw papa leaving, I used to follow behind asking, hey papa where are you going? Can I come with you? “No!” the kid sadly receives the reply, he pleads with his dad to let him go wherever he’s travelling to. He receives a scorn that makes him hurry back into the house, then before he’s gone, he comes out again, watching his dad’s back disappear into the maize plantations. He then begins to visit the place regularly, on every evening, the kid comes to sit at the  door steps watching his papa go, and disappear over and over again, he still believes his papa will come back the same direction he went, even if others tell him otherwise he refuses to believe, “papa will come back, and we are going to play the piano together again,” even after many months past, a year turns into two, he still visits the same place, hoping he’s going to watch his father come back through the same path.

Finally one evening a human like shape slowly emerges from the horizon, it appears to be something like his papa’s hat, he runs over to meet him, he becomes the first person the wanderer meets on his return journey, he’s greatly overjoyed to see his family again, he’s told that little Pippin has been waiting for him every night at the doorsteps since the day he left, sometimes he refused to eat, and stayed out in the cold night. “I knew you’d come back pap,” says little Pippin, “everybody in this house was telling me lies, saying that you were going forever. I refused to believe it, because I knew you will come back dad, you always came back whenever you went out.”

The wanderer now a veteran finally broke his silence several weeks after rest, “we were to be transferred to a different place after our first encounter in Thorn Islands, but the Supreme commander requested all captains who showed heroic moves in in the first combat to be relieved of their duty and to be sent home immediately, that’s how I got here, thank you Pippin for your supplications.”

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