Digital Piracy is a serious problem of our age that is not going away any time soon




I built an antipiracy software to help developers find out how many copies of their software are being pirated on a daily basis, the exact number of potential customers they were losing to this sweet vice, and also if possible be able to respond to the pirates by reporting their servers and websites to assigned authorities for appropriate action to be taken against them, to my surprise within the first one week of releasing my software, I discovered that it had been pirated, over five thousand copies already downloaded within a week. How can an anti-piracy software be pirated? I built it so that it could at least reduce piracy on the web if not completely stop it when it ended up being pirated itself. It then became clear to me that piracy no matter how hard we try is something we can never end soon. The use of internet itself is a form of piracy, anything that can be digitised can be pirated. And any information locked onto a server can be hacked into. There is nothing safe on the World Wide Web. Any cash that is placed inside a safe can be broken into, nowhere is safe, However, Apps are harder to pirate compared to pc software.

We can release a software only after we have sat down in a meeting and have concluded that upon release, it shall be immune to piracy, when hundreds of its copies are being pirated daily by selfish pickers, there are on the other side thousands of shoppers who come to our store daily to buy the genuine copies. The World Wide Web, its route structure itself is a digital piracy business. We send one another scanned copies of our documents each day, isn’t that piracy?

 All software is vulnerable to exploitation a software so soft, this brings us to the obvious conclusion that:

For every genuine software sold there are one hundred copies of it pirated in the dark street corners of the World Wide Web.

The most pirated software are the ones that are most sold at genuine store outlets.

Those who pirate programs never ever buy genuine ones even if they have the money, they’d never throw away money at something they can get for free.

A software so soft indeed, what a poor you?

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