“A young lady and a gentleman used to come into this restaurant a while ago,” says the waiter, “one afternoon they sat at the balcony and were having a conversation, I heard them speak with my own ears while I was cleaning the floor, then the lady turned to the gentleman and said, “now I have seen all you have shown me, a mega mansion, a fleet of cars, a private jet and a helicopter, what else will you like to show me?”

Then the gentleman said, “now that you are with me, you can have anything you want,” but the lady seemed unresponsive, “you have lots of money I know that, what else do you have to offer me apart from your wealth?”

The gentleman had no immediate answer, he thought long and hard, then with a face gleaming with brilliance as if found a lost object says to the lady, “since the day I saw you, my heart melted away, I could not take my eyes off you, I couldn’t help it but follow you wherever you went, now tell me my dear, what else can you do for your admirer apart from the charming queen’s look on your face?” “But can’t you see that I am pretty?” Interjected the lady, “I am prettier that all the other ladies you have ever come across, you told me that many times, how come you seem to ignore me this time round?”

“What about that little head of yours, behind that pretty face could be a load of trash you know,” insisted the gentleman. 

Soon they were drawn into what seemed as a slight argument, the lady rose from her seat and left, the guy ran after the girl who was then met with extremely harsh remarks, she quickly disappeared into the verandas corridors never to be seen again.

“In all my fifteen years of working here in this restaurant I have never listened to such a conversation so sweet yet with great emotional intelligence,” says the waiter?