Career a Character changer, your are your profession




Here’s a list of sample career and what they will turn those that strive for them into.


Expects a great deal of decency and discipline from others.

Demand respect from the society since they must show this kind of image to the people at all times. The society also demands they practice what they teach.

Business People.

Cooperative/understanding and more willing to listen than talk, to them the customer is always right.

Hard-core Professionals e.g. Doctors, Engineers etc.

They always thrive for perfection, to them everything has to be close to 100% right. They are obsessed with accuracy, since accuracy is essential in their field of professionalism, no one can afford to make mistakes.

Ordinary Citizen/Folk

Have freedoms of all kind, they can do any job, anywhere, anytime, as long as it doesn’t require much technical skills, they don’t care much since they have nothing to lose.

Can we rightfully say that careers change people’s character after many years of work, or people choose careers that match their character?

Juniors may say, “Thanks for the information you have provided us, so what now? What do we do? What career do you want us to choose?” anyways none of these things we have stated here have anything to do with one’s happiness in their career or profession. Every person has their own definition of what happiness in a job means. One thing we are certain of is that professions change mental, physical, and social wellbeing of an individual, it influences the way they think and the way they relate with one another, it changes the way they perceive, communicate, and interact with the other people around them. For instance…

Doctor uses jargon language in ordinary family meetings

Electrical engineers see electrons being pumped back and forth in a cable, when they talk to others of what they have seen, people think they are going nuts.

A dentist sees or imagines himself walking through the teeth of an ill patient, and sees the larger cracks made by tooth decay.

A journalist learns to be proactive and to scrutinise everything and everyone, asking questions always, repeating every word said by an interviewee.

Why do some economists and lawyers speak so much jargon? Is it because they want to make you look like a fool? Or to make others approve of them that they are in a better profession than you are?

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