The like-minded people speak the same word in a sentence, only the somehow successful people get to appreciate a motivational speaker’s success.

Even with the best words and phrases, you cannot make unwilling people work, the sober minded folk needed not much preaching & mind boggling words in order to work, all they need is a simple direction, a clue, not even a full speech.

Even the best motivational words cannot drag lazybones from their chairs to work. Those who made the least contribution claim to deserve the best of the reward. They give nothing while they expect others to give them everything they need.

After working oneself extensively hard the wise fellow grabs whatever they have gained so far and walks away with it, they won’t claim themselves to have more than they deserve. Losers think of themselves to deserve more.

Sometimes the best way to being blameless is to do nothing at all, if you get your hands busy to do something, you will always make mistakes.

To a lazy bones, no volume of motivational words will inspire them to stand up with their shovels and begin the work.

There are those who go out to work their plans while there are those who remain behind to study the works of others.