Tons of questions for King James

How come Goliath failed to dodge that tiny stone that was heading towards him, couldn’t he simply have ducked it, bend down a little, that of course wouldn’t have broken his back, was it because he was too foolish to realize that the stone was actually going to kill him, that’s why he let it hit him, foolish giant he could have been, the bigger the ape the smaller the brain. Maybe it was because of his pride that he failed to notice this, his pride blinded him and prevented him from seeing the imminent danger that was before him.

If Isaac had known that his father was going to kill him as an offered sacrifice, wouldn’t he have run away into the wilderness? If I were him, I would not have dared hung around the home knowing that my own father is plotting to kill me.

When they circumcised the Jews, did they inject them with painkillers first before they proceeded with the cut? I hope they did so, did they have hospitals where they could treat patients who are injured by such rituals.

It is said that twelve baskets of bread and fish were left after Jesus fed five thousand men, if jimmy and I were there, I don’t think there would be any loaves of bread left in that crowd, some of us here are very good at eating fast foods.

How sweet was the fruit in the middle of the garden? Was it sweeter than the fruits in all other parts of the forest? Well, I mean garden? Was it sweeter than an apple, mango and berries?

They say that in Noah’s ark there was every kind of animal, those that crawl on the ground and those that fly in the air, if predator and prey lived together in the same boat for more than forty days, didn’t they try to eat each other? How come foxes and rabbits sat side by side like people in a commuter train, yet stayed in that big box for that long without anything happening?

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