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Welcome to our discussion panel, our precious Board where we discuss the most significant and pressing issues of our time, everything we talk about here is of great importance to all humanity, here you shall find only the conversations that have true value, there is no trash talk, no chitty chatting, no monkey business, we discuss only issues that are close to the hearts of all mankind, more importantly they represent experiences of the ordinary folk from the ordinary backgrounds.

In this tiny little world of ours, there are zillions of stories, stories that will awe you, stories that will make your eyes pop out and your jaw drop wide open, stories that will shock you to the core, stories that will entertain you and make you lough like a small baby, stories that will inspire you to leap higher…I mean, really stories of all kinds, of all forms and formats, of all origins, all topics and categories from every corner of the planet, there you see ma friend, everyone has something to say. here are some few discussions you may want to take a look at…



Has the Selfie Culture Gone too far?


Tell me Something funny, you goofy fellow! you have got to make me laugh till i crack my ribs, till when I go ha! ha! ha! he! he! he! hi! hi! hi! ho! ho! ho! hu! hu! hu!


Mr. Strong Man, why I Joined a professional Sports and fitness club & kissed that potbelly goodbye


Art is for all folks, let none say to you, “I don’t know how to draw a circle or I don’t know how to correctly smear-paint margarine onto a slice of bread”


What are your most memorable tour adventures and destinations around the world?


Humanity may need to turn to Vegetarian habits if we are to save the planet from over-exploitation of its food resources and environmentally destructive agricultural practices



Citizens of the World of the Twenty first century are luxury lovers, these Millennials want it all



Who said that short guys cannot date tall girls?

Too High Incarceration rates, have turned out to be more destructive to the society because most inmates never learn any lesson after serving time

The Sweet dreams and ambitions of Children who say, “When I grow Up I would Like to be so and so…”

The never ending fight against Gun Culture and Gun Violence, a top menace of our modern times

The Migrant Crisis Across the Globe has exposed the vulnerability of many Powerful Nations

The ever increasing devastating effects of Natural Disasters

The Dubai Princesses Saga, how the words and actions of Some Emirati Princesses threaten to bring down their Magnificent Kingdom.

Is The Developed World loosing hope for a solution to the Opioid Crisis?

Planet “Doom” is already here, we are soon going to live in a world without water

Online Dating safety precautions every lady should have at her fingertips

Journeying through Ancient Egypt – A quick tour of Egyptian Relics

How hard do you struggle to wake up in the morning?

Fashion Models are a bunch of starved anorexics, They are Nothing more than Walking Bones on the runway

Every Website Now Uses Cookies which makes them very dangerous, why you should reject all cookie requests in order to protect yourself from spying and Potential Malware

Every Country is soon going to plant their flag on the moon, the recent space race reveals terrible mistakes made by Neil Armstrong and his Apollo crew

A recent disturbing trend of Passenger Planes dropping out of the sky like stones, my extreme fear of flying and why I will never fly again

Very Ridiculous and unrealistic expectations typical of many entrepreneurs. The weird wishes People Have About making Money and getting rich quick

What is the Best Insecticide out there? – I keep Spraying over and over again. The Bugs won’t die.

Mars Missions and other space travel programs are nothing but a hoax to entertain the masses, starting life on an alien planet is nothing but a mad man’s dream


Recent Amazon Forest Fires is a sign of very bad omen and warning of what is soon about to happen to the world’s tropical rain-forests


Girl Power is at its Climax, Women now occupy nearly every known occupational & Professional Fields

Who named the parts of a computer, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse?



Domestic Animals that continue to sustain us with their invaluable products




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